Friday, April 29, 2011

- Photos of snowy rides

Winters almost over...well except the 3" we just got in the last 2 hours. Cold and snow has never stopped me in the past, though. Here are a few images looking back on past rides that ended (and some started) with snow.

As always, click any of the following images to open a larger version in a new window.

October, 2009. Turned back by snow on Rimini Rd. west of Helena.

February, 2010. I waited until it warmed up to 16 degrees. Yes, heated gear is a wonderful thing as is a bike that can run it. Headed west of Helena on Lincoln road and was turned back on the Gravelly Range Rd.

Little Prickly Pear Rd. was in much better shape and the day's ride ended up being great. It was way above 20 degrees by the time I got home. Something like 22. 

March, 2010. Snow is melting. I went through Nelson, MT (The Cribbage Capital of the World!) and then east on Beaver Creek Rd heading for Hogback before getting turned back by snow.

April, 2010. One month after the above images. Decided we needed 4 wheels at our attempt at getting up Hogback. Snowfall and high winds earlier that day had the drifts piled high. We, once again, didn't make it to Hogback...but it sure was fun trying.

My buddy and I (me on the left) before we hit the snowline.

Here is where we had to turn back. I walked to the top of the ridge and looked West towards Hogback. The wind was still blowing hard and we could see 100' high walls of blowing snow cresting some of the ridges and blowing across open areas.

At one point, I realized J. was no longer behind me. I turned around and headed back only to find him patiently waiting for my return. He got to horsing around and paffed into the ditch. I had to take a pic before winching him out.

June, 2010. Still enough snow out there to turn one back on some mountain trails. This creek was only about 12 or 15 feet across, but I couldn't tell how deep until I gauged it with a stick. Only 2 feet deep but cold. I removed, from my pockets, anything that I didn't want to get wet and put them in the dry saddlebags in case I took a swim. In the winter, I always have an extra pair of gloves and warm jacket with in the saddlebags.

Here was the first long push. You can see my bike at the top of the hill.

After several more of those, I came to this snowpatch. Too steep. Too deep. Too tired. I turned around here knowing that I would just continue to hit snow patches. They were about a foot deep, but crusty so it took everything I had to push the bike up the hill with it in first gear and spinning.

Fun looking back through those images and seeing this bike's accessories evolve (hand guards, mirrors, tank and saddlebag changes). And since these images, it has changed even more; gas tank, seat, etc. 

Well, nothing to do now but wait a day or two for tonight's 3" to melt. "Let it snow!" Wait. I mean "Let it Melt!"



  1. Nice photos. I'm also sick of snow!

    I take it your seat is the "seat concepts" and which tank did you get?

    -Chris @

  2. Hi Chris,
    Actually, my WRR seat (not shown in these pics) is a custom built Sargent seat. I got that a mid-2010. I bought a used stock seat from a forum member and had them ship pit directly to Sargent Seats in Florida.

    Sargent now makes an entire seat on their custom WR250R seat pan which is wider than stock. I did get in on the "seat concepts" group buy and bought one of those foam and covers for my wife's WRR. I haven't installed it yet.

    Regarding tank, I've had the Safari 3.6 gallon on since last year, but I just ordered the new IMS 4.5 gallon and, wife permitting, move the Safari tank to her bike. Otherwise I'll sell it.